Fayetteville Red Light Attorneys

Fayetteville red light cameras snap thousands of photos each year, but the city charges far more than legally allowed.


North Carolina cities have cameras


of ticket proceeds must be returned to the government


the maximum allowed fee for a red light ticket

Camera Locations

The city of Fayetteville has 14 cameras at 12 different intersections. The intersection of Skibo Rd @ Yadkin Ave has two cameras (one Northbound and one Southbound). Reilly Rd @ Kimridge Rd also has two cameras for North and Southbound traffic.

The map to the right has one pin for each of the 14 intersections with cameras. To see the road names, click on the red pin. You can make the map full screen and zoom out by scrolling. Visit this site’s overview page for the total number of citations for each location.